Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Netanyahu Jackboot; in our time

The fiasco of the Israeli election of Netanyahu after he bold faced lied and amended his position going religious extreme right to win an election is disgusting. He, in the last electoral minute, opposed a two state solution -- agreements that nations have tried to hone over the last 40 years. It makes my head explode.

I am THROUGH defending the indefensible. No one can crush the bodies of innocents with overwhelming force, bomb women and children rolling over them with tanks keeping them living in squalor, tear down homes, terrorize people in the middle of the night merely because they can. My people, the examples of the Holocaust, now make excuses for those who would perpetrate the same but this time on a different people in a different way. Dead is still dead no matter how it is inflicted. I thought my people were better than that.

Denial of a two state solution after 40 years of so many nations advocating for it will mean eternal war. The jackboot of those who suffered from a jackboot on their neck at so many other times in history will raise their own jackboot to crush innocents. I cannot and will not be a party to that. Israel, unless it reverses course, has lost me.

Here is a list of attempts found on Wiki to hone a two state solution: Camp David Accords 1978, Madrid Conference 1991, Oslo Accords 1993/95, Hebron Protocol 1997, Wye River Memorandum 1998, Sharm el-Sheikh Memorandum 1999, Camp David Summit (parameters) 2000, Taba Summit 2001, Road Map 2003, Agreement on Movement and Access 2005 , Annapolis Conference 2007, Mitchell-led talks 2010-11, Kerry-led-talks 2010-11.

On another front: Domestically the Republicans here are like flypaper. One cannot keep them from sticking on one's shoe. Their unlimited money has poisoned every single humanitarian well as George Carlin's "American Dream" soliloquy said it would. The powers that be, he said, "own you" and they do unless the 98% rise up and change course -- seemingly now unlikely.

Headlines like "Republicans Hit CIA on Climate Change" fill me with incredulity; Republicans get elected denying science? This will and is coming back to bite them in their posterior and may, before their reign of terror is through, take all of us down in the process.

I want to align myself to powers that can do something for humanity and third parties from the left like the Green Party or Ralph Nader's Party fail all the time. Hell, Teddy Roosevelt's Bull Moose Third-Party failed. I stick with the Democratic Party because it is the only Party that has a chance to perfect at least some of the humane and structural change that our nation so desperately needs.

My hope is that you cannot deny science nor crush the powerless all of the time. It will come back to haunt all of us as it already has in our time so many times.

Elect Democrats. As Thom Hartmann talk-master of the left says: "It's up to you. Tag you're it."

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