Thursday, March 19, 2015

By the Rivers of Babylon

The election of Bibi Netanyau, a political hack, is the worst thing for the state of Israel since Rome destroyed the Temple. This will come back to haunt. 

The electorate in many places is just plain stupid (the US included of course) but I thought they were smarter in Israel. When one votes for violent Parties one get violence and that is what Netanyahu did for his allegedly beloved state by rejecting a two state solution for the most craven of reasons -- to get elected. Do Israelis and their Prime Minister think Palestinians will sit still for this? 

Palestinians now are a people with no hope. Has anyone taken a good look at Gaza no matter who threw the first stone?  It is UNLIVABLE and that creates angry people. Jews will die, Mr. Netanyahu, and their deaths will be at your hands because you care about one thing -- YOU-- and evidently the religious wingnuts are too stupid to realize that -- big surprise -- NOT. Netanyahu and his yahoos, put Palestinian backs up against the wall. A HOPE at least a shred of hope for peace has been dashed. 

I have supported the Jewish state since I was cognizant of politics and honed my left of center political beliefs because of the Holocaust. Israel, when you elected this war-monger-in-chief who appealed in the US to the Republican Party of hate and kicked dirt in the face of the president you lost me, doomed Israel to eternal war and backed Israel into the world's corner. Israel will be isolated further and the UN may hold it to account as will possibly the World Court for war crimes.

Take heart, Mr. Netanyahu, someday you will not be able to hold your enemies back and your reign of terror will be silenced.  Unfortunately, there will be hell to pay for the rest of us!

 Psalm 137:1 (ASV) By the rivers of Babylon, There we sat down, yea, we wept, When we remembered Zion.
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