Sunday, March 15, 2015


"European Union Army Plan Aims to Protect Continent from Russia, ISIS"

Story here or at the link below.

My Comment:  Post WWII American foreign policy continues to spin out of control.  The US has not won a war since the big one against Nazism and the forces allegedly aligned against the west in the form of Russia and ISIS may approach that kind of threat. 

Much of Europe and the world
considers the US politically impotent with 1/2 of its Congress willing to subvert the nation because they will not play nice with others. Many abroad see the US in one word -- nuts!

I do not blame Europe for wanting to protect itself in a world without US help. Republicans will not let this president breathe and even fragment themselves about their own policy.  They are 100% crazed with hate for this president, writing letters to Iranian mullahs geared to subvert his life-saving attempt at quelling dangerous Middle East nuclear proliferation. It strains credulity.  No wonder many see the US as a failing state deeply in debt with its Defense (War) Department gone lone wolf wild. 

How in god's name are we going to get a rancid, unpatriotic, and near treasonous Republican majority Senate and a Republican-controlled House to play well with others when they cannot even play well with themselves. They are ruthless, mean, racist and violent.  Yes, Europe, you would do well to construct your own defense.

The US military is spread too thinly all over the globe costing trillions in debt while it maintains a war footing everywhere.  Add to this the Republican psycho-pathological repertoire of climate change denial and one gets a Republican majority hell bent on killing us all.

When 1/2 of the nation believes the earth is flat it suffers from SDDS (Science Denying Derangement Syndrome.) It is a recipe for Europe to protect its own interests as the US is quagmired stuck perhaps unable to even protect itself let alone its friends!

Remedy:  Elect Democrats all over the nation!

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