Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Feel Good News

Most mainstream local and national news are what I call saccharinized to meet the expectations of a low information audience that loves the feel-good look of feel-good sugar- coated news. They do not want to and even many cannot understand complexity which our times dictate one must have to understand why our nation does what it does.

News is reported by the winners here and reports at the other end go unexamined. Our more than aggressive foreign entanglements are rarely dissected to see just what it is our nation is doing and why we are doing it by looking at it from all sides.

The powerless both here and abroad are at the mercy of the forces of massive money and Herculean power against which they, sadly, can never compete much less prevail. Many do not even realize that they are being manipulated, in many cases duped and elect those who do not care at all about them creating a quagmired uncompromising Congress on steroids ready to ditch at the speed of light the interests of the sick, the troubled and the dispossessed.
100% of us should be in this together but alas the 2% richest will steal food from most all the rest while never paying their own fair share.

If you do not realize by now the reasons that Democrats must retake the Senate, the House and keep the presidency then you never will. It is important as life and death that a Republican not go near the echelons of power and only we, through our Democratic vote can make this so!

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