Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Patriots Inflategate—Deflated. Say it ain’t so!

I am a diehard Patriots fan and a lover of all things Boston and New England. I am among those who grew up with Boston sports enthusiasm and caught its fever early.

Pat's Sunday victory and the Colts's crushing defeat was fantastic for a Pat’s fan to watch.  I am so emotionally connected that I have to look away or turn off the channel if the Pats fumble, are intercepted or worse lose.   The game on Sunday, though, was sheer joy.  I watched it all as the talent of my team is nothing short of miraculous.

Having said that, the latest dust up of purposefully deflated footballs allegedly by the Patriots makes me cringe.  It makes me worry as the stories seem not to stop.  The talent of the Patriots is so enormous why would anyone have to court investigation and very bad press by intentionally deflating a ball under regulation size thereby breaking an NFL rule?  Does a game won by fraud feel as good?  I doesn’t to me.

Initially, I brushed off the accusation as sour grapes but now the accusations linger and seem to be getting stronger. All of a sudden I am worried. Was this blow out win too good to be true?

Even if deflated footballs are found the game will not be forfeited I tell my disillusioned self.  That, however, is not the point.  There is metaphor in this.  Is there any formerly trusted institution in this nation that is free of Machiavellian ways and dirty tricks to win at any cost? I loathe lying, cheating and stealing and I do not like people who do those things. 

If it can be proven the Patriots did this I will be saddened.  What does it matter if one lonely voice in the Patriots' crowd is upset? I guess nothing and that is too bad.  We suffer in this oft touted exceptional nation a lack of ethics and fair play.  Football is a game of war except no one is supposed to get killed.  International war of lies and wholly immoral conduct seems to be a national and international pastime too.  Except people in that arena do get maimed and slaughtered.

If Coach Belichick or anyone one else taints this great team, the players who are innocent and the fans who love them sufferWhether its real war or simply a game of football ethics matter and cheating should not be part of the game.  Say it ain't so, Bill. Say it ain't so!
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