Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cardiac Surgeon Had a Heart

I am sickened as we all I am sure are at the senseless murder of Dr. Michael Davidson, a cardiological surgeon at Brigham and Women's by the deranged son of a former patient. There are no words adequate enough to mourn the loss of this young and brilliant man taken from us at 44 years of age. He was not only a practicing surgeon but a teacher of his craft at Harvard Medical School as well.

Do we chalk it up to mental illness or do we chalk it up to too many guns in the hands of explosive people? I am never ashamed to say I loathe guns, I loathe the culture of guns that is the NRA and I hate our violent nation's actions both here and across the world. If it were up to me I would repeal the 2nd Amendment these Cretans seem to think is so worship-worthy.

We are a nation of gunslingers and American snipers. The fact that the based-on-a-true-story picture "American Sniper" made by the same Clint Eastwood who insulted our president at the Republican convention has grossed so far 92 MILLION bucks and is up for Academy Award makes me sick. Bradley Cooper will probably get one in the Best Actor category.

I don't care how much of a hero anyone thinks that human killing machine sniper was (he is now dead killed at a gun range by a man he was teaching) boasting "150 kills" of human beings is the reason that that picture will probably take the award for best actor played by Bradley Cooper. It shows what appeals to the majority of our ever-so-violent and war-like nation. Put another notch on the gun for those killed by senseless gun violence as Dr. Davidson was. It is time for Federal law to finally have some teeth in all 50 states. One would think after the 26 dead children of Newtown gunned down by a miscreant with an AK47 something could squash the vicious NRA which has spent millions defeating common sense gun legislation. No, it's part of our culture and the "precious" 2nd Amendment gun nuts will say.

In truth Shakespeare said it so eloquently "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars it is in ourselves."

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