Monday, January 26, 2015


Allow me a bit of frivolity in an otherwise ever-so-serious world.

As for the ABSURD insanity of so called "Deflategate" I said originally "say it ain't so." And you know what?  IT IS NOT SO!!! Our talented beautiful team did NOTHING absolutely NOTHING wrong and human beings did not say that SCIENCE did and will!

A professor I looked up to at Boston University when he was speaking about war said to ALWAYS ALWAYS ask the questions who does it benefit and why. So I ask this latest faux scandal question. Who does this scandal benefit and why? I can tell you who it benefits. It ONLY benefits those who had to endure our Pats' excellence and onslaught. Who benefits and why? ALL THOSE WHO WERE GREEN WITH ENVY OR THOSE WHO GOT TROUNCED BY THEM OR WHO WANTED TO DO WHAT THE PATS DID TO THEM BENEFITED. It benefits those who want to shake them up to throw them off course Sunday.

They are shaken up alright and are going to use this sickening faux scandal to infuse them with even more might than they had before. I will not besmirch any opposing teams' names like other teams did to our BRILLIANT Coach Belichick and Mr. Kraft. Nor will I besmirch the media who were RUTHLESS but NOT right. So JUSTICE will have its day, at least in football, and the Patriots will do us proud once again.

I love you New England Patriots because I love my state and the fabulous City of Boston!!

GO PATS. Do us proud just one more time!

Do your job!

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