Monday, December 01, 2014

Fillet a Fish -- Baah humbug!

Okay, now I've seen it all.  No critiques to the broadcasters who do these things because the powers that be sit up all night thinking, if one wants to call it thinking, what fluff piece can we now soak up the attention of a majority of viewers leaving 5 minutes or so of so called "news?"  Well, I thought I had seen worst of it but I must say who guts and fillets a fish faster put the bar about as low as it can go for local news.

Really?  Really you think your viewers will be glued because of the belly laughs in horror revulsion Whitworth and Eruzione will engender to up the ratings while they compete with each other to massacre a fish guts and all?  This viewer nearly threw up so I changed the channel.  Channel 7 has, indeed, reached a new low.  The question remains why oh why do I keep taping it?   Answer:  I do not know.  I must reconsider.  The problem is as stations compete with each other to gain the public's short attention span for ratings they do not concentrate on news that matters but rather devolve into promoting sensationalist junk.  It happens throughout the corporate media world. I have nowhere to go for the news excellence that Boston local news used to present. In reality I have nowhere to go for any worthwhile news broadcasts except perhaps to MSNBC in the evening or stream Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now."  You should tune in to Goodman once in a while to see what broadcasting excellence truly is.

I give a seasonal baah humbug to it all.  I do not like what has happened to our nation filling the electorate with dumbed down faux news!

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