Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Choked-Up Fix It or Regret It

There are times when nation states do something so egregious, so heinous, and so wrong that one is lost for words.  It seldom happens that I am lost for words but since the November electoral "shellacking," as the president termed it, this person of humanitarian principle does not know what to do or what to say.

The murder of an unarmed Black man, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri and the non-indictment of the police perpetrator, makes persons of good will wax incredulous at a system that could do such a thing. 

Again, in the face of such clear facts determined by video cam an injustice was perpetrated by police officers, the very entity that is supposed to protect us.  They willfully murdered a sweet Black man, Eric Garner, by choke-holding him to death over something important?  NO over something so minor and trivial as selling single so called “loosey” cigarettes on a street corner.  It defies credulity.  There are no words I can write to convey my dismay for all those cruel events befalling our nation in our time.  As Martin Luther King said “an injustice to anyone is an injustice to everyone” and I feel that sense of injustice today.

I am choked up with tears for those close to the innocent Black victims of police over-reaction, I am choked up with tears for the Black community who feel outraged and scared to send their innocent sons out for a package of Skittles lest he wind up dead and I am choked up with tears for our nation that cannot seem to rise above those slave ships carrying people of color here against their will to toil in misery nearly three hundred years ago.  The effects of those ships carrying its human cargo are long-lasting even until this day.  Why in 2014 are we as divided as if it were 1860 on the precipice of the Civil War?
I am choked up with rage that a Party of white, mostly the Republican Party of our meager two party system, since our first Black president was elected has dedicated itself to foiling every single attempt by this president to help the nation out of its terrible malaise and insulted him at every turn.  I am choked up with rage that our first Black president has received more death threats than any president preceding him.  I am choked up with rage that Jim Crow flies again this time with voter suppression one of many tactics in Republican-controlled states to keep Republicans in office by denying Democrats the vote.
I am choked up with tears that no matter how hard one works if one is either a person of color or a part of 98% America we have a sense of alienation and anomie that the land of our birth is not really ours anymore. 

I am choked up with rage and with tears that I feel like we, the 98%, are aliens in our own land.  We do not have to be undocumented workers to feel excluded we merely have to be Black, disabled, Hispanic, the elderly or the poor.  How did so many lose so much and gain so little in the infancy of  21st century?

I want my tears dried and my anger quelled.  The only possible way I can see that occurring is if everyone -- black, brown, white, elderly, disabled and others of minority status -- VOTE those out of power who are in the Republican Party of Racist Hate.  Yes, I know both parties are to blame for our frailties but one Party is more to blame than the other.  Fix it now or regret it later!

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