Friday, October 10, 2014

Choosing Life

Below is the story about the just-married young woman who is choosing to set the date of her own death because she has inoperable and the most seriously aggressive form of brain cancer with a medical prognosis of only six months to live. I concur with her controversial belief that she wants to set the time and modality of her death and has set it for November 1.

I have personally seen throughout my life insufferable things done in the name of "saving" a patient and I always wondered the eternal question: save that patient for what? I have strong feelings about the humongous money spent to extend not life but seemingly never-ending pain and suffering.  I believe that to be a living death sentence in and of itself and out of the question for me.  I have told those I love as well as those who handle my legal and medical affairs that I never want an extension at all costs of a suffering and painful life to be my fate.

It is a personal decision and I am understanding of those who would not do as the 29 year old woman will. I, though, support her decision and would choose death when choosing a quality-life free from pain and suffering is impossible to attain. I place the story about it here or below.

I also place below two books which I think are of great interest and, related to issues about which I have thought and about which, perhaps, pertain to the issue in question here.  I hope (I say hope) to read them both.

Author: Atul Gwande

"Being Mortal and What Matters in the End"

Author: Sam Harris

"Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality without Religion"

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