Sunday, October 12, 2014


The pivotal question it seems to me is the utterly mind blowing mistake that Texas Presbyterian made INITIALLY when Duncan went FIRST to the emergency room and was sent home with USELESS antibiotics which antibiotics are way OVER PRESCRIBED anyway as we know but in this case USELESS in the face of a deadly virus like Ebola. That is what makes my head spin. HOW on God's earth could a health care worker KNOW that Duncan was in Africa, showing a temp of 103 degrees and send that man home with a bottle of antibiotics? It is not only a civil liability in my opinion it is CRIMINAL negligence.

The question is is this healthcare worker who now is Ebola positive part of the INITIAL health care worker contact with Duncan when they sent him home? OR is this health care worker one AFTER that when they knew Duncan had Ebola, isolated him and suited up in protective gear? Duncan's treatment is STAGGERING in its stupidity and negligence INITIALLY knowing Duncan was in Africa came back with symptoms, a 103 temperature and they sent him home. Are you kidding me? THAT is the most important screw up.

Having had polio as a child 60 years ago NO ONE but NO ONE sent me home with a vile of antibiotics which would have done nothing. I was isolated and health care workers at that time were covered. Then again I'm from Boston and was treated at the best of the best Boston Children's Hospital by doctors whose knowledge and treatment of infectious disease were unparalleled.

That doctor or nurse in Dallas Presbyterian or whoever it may be who sent Duncan home THE FIRST time with a vile of antibiotics should be FIRED and we KNOW Dallas Presbyterian will be sued to within an inch of its life if this spreads any further and even if it doesn't.

Moreover, I might add Rick Perry and other Texas politicos' implication in this because they refused to accept Medicaid from Obamacare forcing the poor to fill up emergency rooms unnecessarily.

Yet another reason science denying Republicans should not be near centers of power. We are a doomed nation if they are! SIGN voters up and get out the vote for the only Party, the Democratic Party, which accepts rational thought and science!

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