Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Vehemently VACCINATE

I am sure most of you know and I am pasting a link below about the news story that Children's Hospital in Boston has received four children exhibiting polio-like symptoms similar to ones seen in Colorado.  Polio-like symptoms for those of you who are unfamiliar with the polio virus itself means paralysis usually bipedal in both limbs but can be all limbs.  This paralysis often does NOT improve so one is left with polio's significant orthopedic and other consequences throughout ones life of a virus that is initially neurologically based attacking cells in the spinal cord and killing them. 

The virus seen now is an enterovirus labeled D68.  Polio, too, is an enterovirus that means that it is ingested at first and if it breaks through to the blood stream it can cause paralysis and even in rare cases death.  How close to polio is to D68 I do not know and neither does the medical community yet.  A non-medical suspicion I hold (I am not a medical expert) is that viruses evolutionarily mutate and wonder if D68 had done that from polio but this is not based on any medical fact.  It is simply educated questioning by me.

I know that there are some who do not realize the devastating effects of polio and are adverse to vaccination.  The ONLY treatment for polio is prevention through vaccination.  Vaccination SHOULD be mandated by law if one is to enter their child in school so a permanent herd immunity can develop.  Children are most at risk but adults are too.  I do not know if it is mandated in Massachusetts.  My opinion is that ALL vaccinations available to humans should be given and/or taken even by adults. There is, as far as I know, absolutely no connection between vaccination and a disease such as autism.  That is a false connection and, in my opinion, a morally indefensible one.

You will do your child NO favors by not immunizing them and you will do our nation at large no favors either.  In my opinion, it is criminal not to vaccinate and I am living proof of why I vehemently hold this view.  Polio paralysis is a life-long significantly life-altering disease that requires active attention always.  It is disfiguring and sometimes painful, it is significantly disabling, it is psychologically difficult, it is expensive and its consequences later in life are profound.

I do not know where D68 will lead and if a vaccination can be perfected for it but the one fail-safe preventative is, of course, thoroughly hand washing MANY times throughout the day for at least 30 seconds or the time it takes to sing "Happy Birthday" especially after doing those excretory functions all humans must do to survive and if you are cooking and/or serving food.  And I might add do not enter the population if one is sick.  If you have to sneeze do so in your arm and try not to touch your eyes or your face.

I am a vehement vaccination advocate and have many personal reasons why I am.

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