Sunday, October 05, 2014

In Truth -- Thinking About Ebola

Some think I am simply an alarmist or just a negative person.  Truly, I do not want to be but I am not one who denies or does not look at truth, no matter how unpleasant because in truth, science is our superior brain's armor against extinction.

I posed a thought I had about Ebola (and other viruses like D68) to a cousin of mine who is a doctor and a Stanford Medical School graduate.  I value his opinion when I try to evaluate lots of positions I take because he is so well read and most especially, on medical issues, because it is his area of expertise.

I ran by him things I was thinking about and asked if I was correct in an opinion about the Ebola virus I wanted to write.  He said what I said is well known and that I should publish it.  So I did below:

What I fear is not only Ebola but is the fact that every living thing is geared for survival and viruses are no exception.  What Ebola could do and what even AIDS does is show viruses' uncanny ability to mutate.  It provides living proof of evolutionary truth and the biological imperative of all living things -- man and viruses alike – to survive by any means necessary.

Unable to be seen with the naked eye aids the virus's amazing ability to survive sometimes too through mutation and to find a host – us – who have no immunity to it.  It is the mutation of these viruses into something easier to transmit that is the possibility which chills one’s soul.  Is D68 simply a mutation of the polio virus?  We do not know yet.  In the case of Ebola what I have read and what the CDC does not always say in public is they worry about its mutation. 

So far Ebola is NOT easily caught.  So far like AIDS it is spread only through contact with bodily fluids of an infected patient.  Unlike AIDS, though, one is only allegedly contagious when symptoms appear.  The biggest problem with AIDS is its ability to mutate rendering treatments and especially vaccines improbable if not impossible to develop.

That reality is especially worrisome. If Ebola did morph into another virus like it which could be easily spread through a cough, a sneeze or touching the button of an elevator then it would pose a societal existential threat.  It is then and only then that we are looking at a pandemic that could kill millions.  In addition, when our medical support system are coming down with the disease and dying who will treat the living sick?"

My cousin labeled it “Pneumoic Ebola” and further said it could "kill millions."

From climate change to infections disease science rules the day.  Those who would deny it do so at not only their peril but ours and not only their children's peril but everyone's children as well.

We must let science and its truth lead the way and then we, who are not science proficient, should scrupulously follow what its experts say we should do.  Science and the truth it brings is the only truth that, in truth, can set us free!

The ONLY science deniers are Republicans and it is why we must elect Democrats, the believers in science, to become our leaders.  It is true in the governor's office, it is true in the national Congress and it is true in the Presidency as well.  DEMOCRATS GET OUT THE VOTE.  Elect Martha Coakley governor no matter how many phoney ads Baker has trying to trick Democratic Massachusetts voters into voting for him, a Republican.  DO NOT DO THAT.  His party is the party of ANTI SCIENCE and ANTI CHOICE whether he says he individually is not.  When push to shove he will toe the Party line because the money sits there! 

Pass this to anyone you like!

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