Saturday, October 04, 2014

Exceptional Nation -- Traitorous Jurists

Headline: Supreme Court To Hear Another Case On Housing Bias
“WASHINGTON (AP) — For the third time in recent years, the Supreme Court will consider taking away a powerful legal tactic the Obama administration and others have used to combat housing discrimination.”

See news article here or the link below my opinion.

The five so called "conservative" charlatans on the Supreme Court in the area of civil rights are eviscerating one by one advances gained over centuries for African Americans and other persons of color.  This part of the Court has no conscience, no empathy and no humanity if they are capable of doing such things.

I can fathom -- sort of -- the four “conservative” white men of privilege on that court eviscerating minority rights but Clarence Thomas, the resident conservative token H.W. Bush black man is one of the most intellectually bankrupt and morally corrupt hypocrites in robes to grace the Court. This is a black man who if our national culture had not advanced in the area of civil rights through progressive changers and liberal justices he would not be wearing the robes he does.  He would be eating at segregated lunch counters, he could not even go to the bathroom if there were not a "colored" one available nor could he go to a movie and sit anywhere he chose.  He surely never could have gone to the school of his choice without affirmative action and he never could have married the white woman he did.  This hypocrite votes the way he does and eviscerates minority rights saying nothing from the bench during argument when those (or really any cases) come before the court.

Clarence Thomas could never have led the life he did without justices who had the decency to decide in favor of policies for which progressives advocated.  Civil rights workers, progressive men and women of all stripes fought and died for the right of all of us to achieve our pursuit of happiness.

Clarence Thomas should remember Loving v. Virginia because that case gave all in this nation the right to marry whom they choose irrespective of race where in some states it was illegal to do so.  Clarence Thomas owes his life to the brave civil rights workers, lawyers, and protesters-in-the-streets who received bricks, bats and water hoses to their person so he and everyone else could have the advantages he has had.

The evisceration of what should be settled civil rights law by these "conservative," as FDR called his own nemesis court, "old men" is disgusting in extremis.

Justices Thomas, Scalia, Alito, most times Roberts and sometimes Kennedy are traitors to those things that truly make an exceptional nation!


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