Tuesday, September 02, 2014

What Could Have Been

I try to hold the passion down but I just cannot help it. There is SO much at stake for Democrats to GET OUT THE VOTE IN NOVEMBER 2014 and I simply cannot stand that for which Republicans stand.  Sure I know that Democrats, too, are beholden to monied interests yes, people are often not in things for their health.   But no one can convince me that there is no difference between the two parties.  There is, it is huge now and white racism comprises much of the Republican Party of the 1% all one needs to do is look at it.  

IF the president in 2010 had a Democratic House and Senate think about all the things that could have been done.  It is big and a minimum wage would have been one of them and stronger reform of Wall Street.  There would have been no government shutdowns and no debt ceiling scare tactics, there would have been the wealthy paying more taxes and the middle class paying less so the deficit would have gone down even more than it already has and it HAS gone down under the president. 

Roads, bridges, and infrastructure would have been fixed, the national grid would have been updated AND climate change would have been addressed as would alternative energy sources.  Another stimulus would have created many more jobs and the economy would have improved more.  Most importantly a change of just ONE just one more progressive on the Court and gd Citizen's United would be reversed, unlimited money taken out of the political realm maybe the oligarchy government by the rich which we have now would not be.  Reform of the tax code and business avoidance of taxes rectified.  And maybe there even would have been single payer health system which REALLY would work for the people.  Women's rights would have been strengthened and the right to choose upheld.  More egalitarian judges installed and appointments not delayed.  AND A FAIR RIGHT TO CITIZENSHIP AND IMMIGRANT BILL PASSED!  Attention paid to state and local governments turning them Democrat blue.

There would have been much less criticism of the president making us stronger and more unified.  Sounds like heaven doesn't it?  Yep it does and that is why the Democratic Party must win as our nation is, I believe, in trouble.

Just think about what our nation COULD have been had Bush the moron not been illegally installed as president -- NO 9/11, NO Osama bin Laden, and especially NO fraudulent lying war in Iraq. And most of all a Middle East NOT in turmoil.  Thousands of lives would have been saved. Imagine....well, we must deal with what we have and Republican policies will create more gridlock and will add more fuel to the fire of an already nearly unrecognizably burned war weary nation! GET OUT THE 2014 NOVEMBER DEMOCRATIC VOTE AND YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL or AT LEAST SOME OF IT and do something with the two years left!!

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