Tuesday, September 02, 2014

The Artful Arti-T -- The Market Basket Miracle

I have lots of thoughts about American business or lack of it and a logarithm that supports  employees, the consumers that purchase goods and one that thinks of stockholders and CEO's bottom line after them.  The rich can live as well with less.  The worker bees and consumers can live decently if the rich accept just a little less.  A thriving middle class is formed exactly in this way and this above anything else is why people risk their lives to get here.

Market Basket is an example of a wonderful marketing coup which should be taught in business schools and copied by other big businesses and chains everywhere.  It was done with no unions just loyalty to a man CEO Arti-T who deserved it because he cared about those he employed and the consumers who buy what he sells.

I shopped there on Sunday and it was packed with goods and customers. I wanted to hug everyone -- Arti-T, the staff and the customers.  More goods will be filling the shelves completely.  I urge you to support this consumer friendly store and be the beginning of a movement!  My food costs are 1/2 less shopping there than shopping anywhere else. 

Arti-T is genius.  He and all of us have done something amazing.  Business may and should  never be the same.  Arti-T's formula WORKS to make millions and still be a caring and humane entity doing something for workers and consumers who need to save a buck. 

Change, I have been told, comes from the bottom up and Arti-T knew how important his staff and patrons were so he worked at giving us lower lower-than-any-other-market costs and excellent quality to boot while he offered good benefits to his workers. People beat a path to his door.  What could be bad about the success of that?

Arti-T thank you SO much!  The win of Market Basket's Arti-T is the first good news in a long, long, long time.Yes, it and he will need our support and I am betting that both Arti-T and Market Basket
will get it.

Natalie Rosen
39 Swift Road
Framingham, MA 01702
(508) 879-4170

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