Sunday, September 28, 2014

Suicide Prevention

I am a poll watcher because I am a fervent believer in science and the statistical math from which all polls spring even though my own abilities in math fall into the stratosphere of negative numbers.  Polls, math, and science often do not agree, however, and so the question arises again who does one trust?

Nate Silver has been my guru of pollsters for many reasons mostly because he was one to get the 2012 prediction of the re-election of the president correct and predicted Ohio for the president. 

I also looked to Silver because I found his predictions then before the election of 2012 comforting as Rove and his band of merry immorals danced a frenzy around Fox News computerized Fox election central calculation room desperately trying to find a result that declared a pounding victory for his boy Romney. The only pounding that Faux Fox News gave the romping Rove was that which the president delivered to him.  Yes, I was giddy that night watching Republican racists wring their hands trying to figure out what oh what could they do to gain the minority vote.  Republican is an oxymoronic word that connotes the opposite of egalitarian politics.  Republicans trying to gain the minority vote is like the Ku Klux Klan trying to make a kosher meal.

Mid-term election November 2014 finds me in a worrisome stew.  The pollsters, almost all of them, EXCEPT Sam Wang of Princeton are predicting a Republican takeover of the Senate.

Republican takeover of anything is impossible for me to digest but Republican takeover of the Senate makes me, well,  suicidal.  How ANYONE on planet earth who is not part of the 1% megga wealthy can bring themselves to vote Republican I will never, if I lived to be 110, understand.  The explanation as I see it is white racism on steroids.  Even though the president is not on the ballot white racists are voting for Republicans because they loathe a black man in the oh- so-historically-white house.

Take pity on me and work your posteriors off for a Democratic victory across the nation to prevent a suicide.  Just kidding -- maybe.  Send this to anyone you choose especially minorities and women to get them to vote Democrat and find ways to vote even IF the rancid Republicans try their damnedest to rob us of the vote.  They cannot if you play by the rules and then show up November 4, 2014.

Call, write, smoke signal, contribute do ANYTHING you can to prevent a Republican takeover of the Senate.  We could lose EVERYTHING we have gained ... EVERYTHING.  I and we cannot take a Republican victory.  Republicans RUIN a nation and then rely on Democrats to save us from drowning.  PLEASE for my sanity crush Republicans in November. Prove Sam Wang right and save a life!

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