Sunday, September 07, 2014

Martha Coakley--A Governor who can Win

Someone asked me if there was a Republican in the Massachusetts gubernatorial race whom one could consider. I told her in our time the two Parties are, sadly, diametrically opposed to one another.  It means something now if one is a Democrat or if one is Republican.  There is, therefore, in my opinion, never a good reason to vote Republican because if one votes Republican one is voting for a conservative social agenda and destructive economic policies as well.  If one is Republican one must strictly adhere to the party line.  It means they are against marriage equality, against a woman's right to choose, pro NRA and the expansion of gun owners' rights even when it means the right to carry in a classroom and even in a church.  If one votes Republican one would be voting for a strong religious influence in government and away from the Constitutional Separation of church-state Clause. 

Adding to that, one would be voting science deniers into office, one would be voting for those who want to keep the division of wealth in favor of the 1% by supporting tax law that shrinks the middle class.  If one votes Republican one would be voting for taking an ax to government programs that support the poor, the disabled, and the elderly.  One would be voting for a Party that supports ultimately an end to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as we know it. 

Republicans are against the strict regulation of Wall Street and government oversight of the big banks.  They support trickledown economics which has never worked.  One would vote for a Party that shut down government and is threatening to do that again.  The Republican Party would even vote against raising of the debt ceiling so America could not pay its bills send us into default and the world into chaos.  It is a Party that wasted taxpayer money voting to eradicate the Affordable Health Care Act 57 times offering nothing to take its place.  It is a Party that cares nothing about most of you.

The Republican code words are "small government" but that really means few government programs and oversight agencies except for the military as most Republicans never met a war they did not like.

If one votes or is Republican one sinks or swims on one’s own with no one but no one to help you out in times of trouble in an economic system, mostly Republican-created that has provided plenty of trouble for the middle class with it. 

I want a Democrat in the Governor’s office who will oppose all those aforementioned Republican policies.  I want Martha Coakley as governor because she is an experienced Democrat, she is smart, and she is progressive.  She has proven that many times.  I think she is capable and best of all she is a Democrat who can WIN against the Republican Baker in the general election.  I, therefore, unequivocally and for all those reasons passionately support Martha Coakley for governor of Massachusetts.

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