Monday, September 08, 2014

House of Cards -- A Winning Hand

Keven Spacey, Robin Wright and a host of other actors did what I thought was the impossible -- create a series I love more than "Mad Men."  Okay, so the two series are completely different artistic endeavors but I have a yardstick for how I rate the excellence of a film or series no matter which genre into which it falls.  I won't hold you in suspense, my yardstick is how many times I look at my watch.  Through this series the only reason to look at the clock was in hope that the hour did not draw too late so I would have to curtail my viewing.

I am a binge watcher of "House of Cards" and now have some idea even though I do not drink nor have I ever taken drugs of what pull addiction has on one's brain.  I cannot stop watching this series.  It is about Washington and its Machiavellian machinations guaranteed to glue you to the seat even if things political are not your cup of tea.  Perhaps you enjoy playing cards instead.  If so, this series is the most winning hand you will ever play.  I highly recommend it!

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