Friday, August 08, 2014

Out in Left Field

I am left of center but some on the left do not appear to know, where the Islamic fundamentalist threat is concerned, what they are talking about. They cannot see the forest through the proverbial trees.  I would like them to live in an Islamic fundamentalist state so they can experience the reality of true tyranny.

Left of center journalists, scholars and commentators like Noam Chomsky, Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, Amy Goodman and many others with whom I do, more often than not, agree are, in my opinion, on this issue, absolutely blind to extremist fundamentalist doctrine. One need only read the charter of Hamas in Gaza, the goals of which unequivocally call for the elimination of the Jewish state and all of its Jews within, watch what ISIS or ISIL do as they now take much territory in northern Iraq using US weaponry stolen from the impotent corrupt Iraqi government Bush put into power, and ISIL attempts at the shameful genocide of our friends the Kurds through starvation and thirst.

Those journalists and others sympathetic to Hamas and other extremists are impervious to reality. They would not last two seconds in a religiously fundamentalist nation state where there is not even the illusion of a free press.  ISIS and others like it reduce humanity to an 8th century existence, beheading men who do not believe as they do and subjugating women whom they value at best as second class citizens and at worst less than dirt.

I am not duped by the word freedom or American exceptionalism but now I do believe the only thing that stands between our western way of life and the ISIS army of tyranny and death, who want to raise the Sharia flag in Washington, is our exceptional military. ISIS and those groups like it understand one thing -- force.

It is this nation's military might that gives Greenwald and those like he, whose opinions are always critical of US policy but silent on the vast killing machine that is Islamic fundamentalism, the freedom to say what they want.  Moreover, those involved in Snowden's exposure of US classified material have made a gross calculation.  Snowden will rot, at least for the next three years, in Putin's tyranny that is Russia now!

Part of the left to which I am usually allied, I believe, is on this issue playing in left field without a glove.  They better hope that this nation can prevail against this vile menace that threatens all of us and, make no mistake about it, may be coming to a theater near you.

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