Thursday, August 07, 2014

ISUS -- a Monstrous Tragedy

Iraq is blowing up again as ISUS has captured large swaths of northern Iraq, holding in Masada- ike fashion at the top of a mountain Christian Kurds and others they do not relgiously like hostage denying them food and water.  They are dying of starvation and thirst.

Do NOT blame the president for ISUS. 
Blame the idiot Bush for taking out Sadam Hussein the ONLY stabilizing force in that violent neck of the woods. He knew his people and what they were capable of and kept the rancid lid on. Now the genie is out of the bottle impossible to contain.

Hussein was a sworn enemy of Iran, HATED Al Qaeda, never ever would have let them in and NEVER would the poisonous ISUS be there either. This is the Bush and the Cheney war crime.  It is their doing and NOW we are paying the price. Iraq was lost, 5000 plus Americans dead, 2 trillion bucks and counting squandered.  The US NEVER could have stayed there forever spilling American blood and treasure in that god forsaken insane place.

Do NOT blame the president like I know McCain and Lindsay Graham will.  Republicans have a SHORT memory. This is Bush and Cheney's fault, it is their war and it is blowing up in our faces all over the Middle East.

This is an utter tragedy that cannot be understated.  I do not know how the president can get up each morning and face the onslaught both abroad and Republican treasonous obstructionists to anything Obama at home.  Iraq has been a monstrous tragedy and ISUS can, thanks to the US a dozen years ago, see a caliphate all over the Middle East!

Yet ANOTHER reason in November, 2014 to keep RepubliCONS OUT of the Senate, Democrats retake the House and by any means necessary in 2016 keep the presidency in Democratic hands.  SIGN UP EVERYONE DEMOCRATS CAN COUNT ON TO VOTE and I am NOT kidding!

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