Friday, June 06, 2014

Prelminary Thoughts on D-Day

My family who braved the seas during the early 20th century to come to US shores from the pogroms of Europe make the dream of coming to America ring true; each generation more successful than the one before it.  When one brother of my grandfather sailed on that plebeian boat with all the other immigrants, some in steerage, my grandmother pregnant and nauseated from the trip, they indeed made a fortuitous choice.  All would have died in the Holocaust or at the hands of either fascist or Communist Ukraine as it changed hands so frequently.  A relative of  mine would not now be in Normandy with the president or have graced the White House steps.

The ceremonies of D-Day take my breath away.  I am crying here as I write and listen to FDR's speech after the Normandy landing. I paste it here for you to listen to the greatness of FDR's being and that being's oratory.  It is guaranteed to send chills down your spine.

Bless that Greatest Generation, they indeed saved the world and it should never be forgotten that they did!

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