Thursday, June 05, 2014

American Shame

Mr. LaVoy wrote one of the most cohereent blogs yet concerning the alleged accusation that Sgt. Bergdahl said when he was initially captured that he was ashamed of America:

John LaVoy · Top Commenter · Director of Educational Opportunity Center at University of Pennsylvania

I think the question is a really, really good one. Joe Scarborough went on an idiotic rant because Bergdahl indicated he was ashamed of America. Ashamed of America? If you aren’t ashamed of America you haven’t made an honest observation in a decade. American officials actually justifying torture? America invading sovereign nations under false pretenses. American wasting a hundred thousand lives and trillions of dollars and getting absolutely NOTHING for it? America locking up more people than any nation on earth. American judges selling children into for profit prisons? America as the only developed nation on earth that doesn't guarantee health care for its citizens. America as a place where politicians actively and knowingly try to keep minorities from voting. America accepting 30,000 gun deaths a year and doing nothing? Americans cowering in fear of 5 out of the loop, fanatics living in mountain caves 8000 miles away? Not being ashamed of America suggests you have lost the capacity for shame.

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