Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Less than Sterling -- A Jew's Response

I am embarrassed by Donald Sterling.  Every time this man is interviewed he digs his own grave deeper and deeper.  He is a most loathsome being.  Worse every time he even mentions the word Jewish people in the same sentence he spews his vitriol against persons of color I cringe.  He is either deranged, dementia ridden or one of the worst human beings to take up  residence on this planet.  He shames the Jewish people, my people, by uttering the word in the same breath as his racist non-sequiturs and untruths.  I loathe this destructive man.

At the same time he has done something good.  He has exposed the ugliest underbelly of billionaire monsters and racist Republicons that occupy the 1% richest of the nation; ones that have no right to their success and whose presence diminishes us all.

Magic Johnson is a philanthropist supreme, a man of integrity and a man who has helped so many human beings of all races.  Donald Sterling should not have the right to speak that man's name, to own a successful basketball team and to call himself a good Jew.  Well, he is NOT a good Jew.  He is the antithesis of a good Jew and I am ashamed that he occupies the same ethnic group as I.

Jewish people throughout history have been on the side of the oppressed.  We have put our blood on the line for movements whose existence screamed out danger for those who supported it.  People of color and the Jewish people walk hand in hand in their efforts to crush bigotry, to improve the lot of the poor, to heal and to help ALL people. 

Sterling makes generalities that are theater of the absurd and I resent it.  I resent ANYONE driving a wedge between people who have more in common than they have differences.  I have always proudly walked on the left side of the political spectrum holding hands with many who uttered the sacred phrase of Dr. King -- "We shall overcome."   We shall indeed together
overcome the vile tripe that is uttered from a man who is not worthy to shine anyone's shoes much less become a billionaire making his money off the hard work of others.

Mr. Sterling, no one gave any one anything.  They worked for it damn it.  I cannot wait until that bestial man's mouth is shut.  He makes me ashamed and I resent his using the word Jew as if he is representative of an entire group.  He is representative of NO ONE, NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH except falsely trying to drive a wedge between groups that have always been allied.

The proudest statistic I know is the percentage of Jewish people who voted for the president.  Obama got the second most votes from the Jewish community and I am proud of that. 

I can say only one thing and I apologize for the speed with which I write this email.  I say to Sterling -- SHUT THE HELL UP.  You are over, your ownership of the Clippers is over and I am happy to say you did more to improve race relations than you did to hurt it.

This Jew is the opposite of you, Mr. Sterling.  No one wants to hear your disgusting thoughts.  Either Sterling is pure evil and stupid or as his wife said he is demented.  Sterling, your life is over and THIS is the legacy you leave to your offspring.  Shame on you.  This Jew is nauseated by your sight.

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