Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Substance of My Soul

I am now turning away from most all news. I cannot be angry or depressed anymore over things I cannot change. We are all in this together. What happens to one happens to all as the debt ceiling impending catastrophe will show. If not raised we are a done nation, finished, over, fighting no more so many dark things over which most of us have no control.

I am not religious. I am Jewish born but I subscribe to not faith but to Christian thought -- the humane part. I love what Christ is alleged to have taught. I love especially the profundity of his humanitarian thought. The cause I believe he celebrated is my own. "What matters if a man gain the whole world but lose his soul?" "Blessed are the peacemakers ...;" "Whatever you do unto the least of these my brethren you do unto me." Those are the tenets in which I believe. That is the substance of my soul. 

I fell asleep reading the New Testament and awoke with it next to me not because I am an ardent believer as I am a skeptical agnostic but because Christ inspires hope and I think walked the earth 2000 years ago to teach us something. We of empathy and caring can claim him too. He is not owned by the extremist right. He cared about the poor, cared about the abandoned and cared about the dispossessed. Those who are among those groups he would not have abandoned you and neither should our nation. 

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