Sunday, October 13, 2013


For those who are voting for the 5th District House seat this pertains to you.

Whomever you choose to vote I ask you NOT to vote for Katherine Clark. She and Emily's List too have pulled what in my opinion is a Republicanesque move by passing around a flyer the Clark campaign says is not at their direction but IS at the direction of Emily's List that shows in clear fashion Clark next to Elizabeth Warren and states at the very top "Katherine Clark & Elizabeth Warren."

I find it DIFFICULT -- very difficult -- to believe that Katherine Clark had NO idea about the Emily's List produced flyer in her name. I find these tactics deceptively noxious, rancid and ATYPICAL of what the Democratic Party is SUPPOSED to be about. It leads me to conclude because "Emily's List" is about corporations gaining their endorsement for women that somehow there was some deal or a wink and a nod by the Clark campaign who all of a sudden shot to the top of a poll and all of a sudden is a candidate whom The Boston Globe endorses. I had not heard about Clark UNTIL Friday when I received the Warren flyer with Clark on it. I was ALMOST bamboozled by it until I dug further.

Elizabeth Warren came out yesterday with a statement that she has endorsed no one. You decide. I am rather sick of corporations spending money like the people they are NOT in the political realm and the lies of candidates professing not to know a thing about it when in fact they PROBABLY do. 

The aforementioned is MY opinion and mine only. Using my right to free speech I urge EVERYONE to THINK about your vote and not vote for Katherine Clark unless and until she or Emily's List clarifies the flyer advertisement episode as we can see what happens in Washington when corporations rule and leave the rest of us in the dirt!

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