Monday, October 14, 2013

China Calls for a DeAmericanized World

China, into the US for TRILLIONS, is worried and angry about the RepubliCONS preventing our debt from being paid and the potential world economic chaos to ensue because a part of the US -- enough to gum up the works -- simply does not like a one half black president!  Read the link here or below.

We are the laughing stock and the worry of the world. I cannot blame China and the world ONE bit for their distrust and disgust of this nation. All I can say is, China, we are NOT all like our government. Most of us want a compromise; heck most of us want the debt ceiling by law to have to be raised if it needs raising AND I do not know one American who is for this government shutdown. 

The ones for it are the hillbilly know nothings who do not know an economic principle if they fell over one nor do they have a humanitarian bone in their body.  The moneybag RepubliCONS, enemies of Social Security and Medicare, are the Dixcrats and Civil War Confederacy of old complete with Confederate flag waiving of it, are taking full advantage of a racist, white minority in the nation to gain power. 

Our system in one word is NUTS and ridiculous with people like an imbecile Ted Cruz (I do not care if he did go to Harvard) allowed to read a Dr. Seuss children's book on the floor on the sacrosanct Senate, faux filibuster a bill, a 60 vote necessity to pass a bill and the allowance of gerrymandering in the states to skew the one-man-one-vote principle are nothing less than shameful.  There IS a 14th amendment that mandates our debts MUST be honored. 

China, I suspect the ceiling WILL be raised but I do envy the seamlessness of your system.  Add free speech to it and a REAL due process not like the fake one we have now in the US and you've got a great system. Be patient, China, this gridlock WILL be changed. 2014 cannot come fast enough for most of us!

Why we need Democrats to take back the House, Keep the Senate and maintain a Democratic presidency!

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