Sunday, October 20, 2013

May I Remind You

May I remind you of the prescience of political comedian and brilliant George Carlin who died in 2008 well before the height of the Party wars. His "American Dream" stand up is one of the best most prescient political comedic routines ever done.

He knew what was happening alright and was not afraid to lay it on the line. I urge you to revisit it because it is as right and true today as it was in 2008 but also a WARNING it is laced with profanity as only George Carlin could get away with and did to send home his point. If you cannot take that then delete it but I urge you to listen and demand of your leaders Democrat and Republican alike not to ruin you. I received Carlin's message loud and clear. He was 100% EXACTLY correct! The Carlin YouTube is Here or below. Then read Huff Post article entitled: "Why Democrats Might Cave on Social Security." It is here or below Carlin's.

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