Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hope springs eternal -- The Boston Marathon, Boston Strong and the Boston Red Sox

How about those Red Sox! I kept asking myself throughout the American League playoff just why I was so emotionally invested in it after all I was not making a penny from it. I know the answer to that is an intangible something imbued in my childhood -- a love of my country, my state and my city. 

Despite the Red Sox of the era of my youth, a time in which they failed over and over again; despite my father's hand-wringing over the 1920 sale of baseball's then most valuable player George Herman "the Babe" Ruth we still loved those Sox and hoped next season would be better. Harvery Fromer on his blog wrote:

Harry Frazee had a home in Boston, but his main residence was on Park Avenue. He had made the comment that the "best thing about Boston was the train ride back to New York." A show business wheeler-dealer who owned a theater on 42nd Street in Manhattan, close by the New York Yankees offices, Frazee was a gambler. And he was always hustling, scuffling about for a buck, always overextended in one theatrical deal or another. 

Frazee actually said "the best thing about Boston was the train ride back to New York"? HARUUMPH. That man deserved the decades of scorn he received. I wish Frazee could have seen the Boston in which I grew up. I was a girl but that did not matter as I wore a Red Sox uniform proudly and have a youth picture to prove it.
The allegiance to this club that so many even if they travel far from Boston have reflects the love of the city, the state and the country. No matter its frailties, tragedies, historical upheavals and defeats Boston, the place of our nation's birth, still stands Boston Strong.
Those of us who lived through the Boston Marathon sickening bombing, those of us who lived through 9/11, those of us who lived through the tragedies of past wars and those of us who lived through the losses in years long ago of our beloved Red Sox, we still through it all, indeed, remained Boston and country strong. 

The Red Sox are Boston's pride and emblematic of our nation's hope. If we do not succeed today then certainly we will succeed tomorrow! Hope springs eternal for a baseball club and for a nation.

Let's maintain the hope that the entire country some day will be Democrat blue!

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