Thursday, August 15, 2013

The End of it All--Egypt, Fundamentalism, and You

Egypt now becomes the instructional mirror when religion -- any religion -- mixes with the state. It is a road map to conflict, death and perdition. Our Founding Fathers, I believe, knew and saw clearly history's toll of religion enmeshed with the state. They knew Europe's discord emanating from centuries of religious wars and the importance of the Constitution's separation clause to prevent that in the New World.

Religion fundamentalist and extreme will keep groups warring with each other and nation states warring against each other for decades even centuries as those in one religion think its religion owns the ultimate truth to the exclusion of all else. The issue, no matter where, is the merging of religion with the state and its guarantee to devolve that state into chaos.

The state must be free of the religious albatross keeping its jackboot of tyranny on a population's neck preventing it from the expansion of thought. The brain was meant to think and to use that thought to improve man's survival. Religion is responsible for keeping mankind and womankind down. Religious fundamentalist thought will be the rationale for the ultimate end of life itself as self-immolation becomes the norm seeking heaven's gate. Heaven's gate will not exist but the belief in it will unleash eternal war which ultimately will end it all.

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