Friday, August 16, 2013


There are some who wax critical of me because they think my mind is always on things political. I will confess. My mind is on politics a lot. Mea culpa.  Guess why? BECAUSE IT AFFECTS EVERYONE'S LIFE. Try doing without Social Security, Medicare and see how it matters. Experience losing a child to war (God forbid) and see how it matters. See MAN MADE global climate change sink cities, burn up immense territory from severe droughtcatastrophic floods of neighborhoods and towns, destruction through massive and constant tornadoes and hurricanes, see how nuclear power and fracing kills and see how policies about those things matter. Think of yourself with no job, no food, no money, nothing, Wall Street walking away with YOUR money and a slap on the wrist for the most egregious illegalities while those people of color and poverty who have committed minor crimes sit in jail and see how it matters.

YOU BET I'M POLITICAL. HOW CAN ONE NOT BE? Thoreau once said to Emerson when Emerson asked him what he was doing in there (meaning jail for civil disobedience political reasons) and he said to Emerson "Waldo, how can YOU not be?!" Howard Zinn once said he loved my political passion and I took him at his word so instead of giving up as I wanted to do so many times I kept fighting for things that are fair, humane and because they are morally the right thing to do

The right wing attacks with vitriol and the left often simply shrugs its shoulders then wonders just how George W. Bush, a nincompoop, got into the highest office in the land.  Then they scratch their head wondering how did John Roberts and worse Samuel Alito occupy the highest court in the land handing down the worst money driven politically corrupting machine and racist decisions in the history of the court.  

Yes, I think a LOT about politics because MOST people do not and will have themselves to blame if rightwingnut JERKS oligarchic and violent gain power and the powerless are left on their own to live or die -- mostly, if the right wingnuts have their way -- to dieYOU MUST STAND UP or you cannot complain about a thing.

Elections matter.  

It is PRECISELY why the Democratic Party MUST take back the House, keep the Senate and change all those state house red occupied states from red to blue. You can see how Republicans govern.  They will take us back as they have in many states all over the country to 1880 IF you let them.  DON'T.  You must VOTE at ALL costs no matter the obstruction.  For those in states where voter suppression is being attempted ask for help or help another.  Do NOT let those voter suppression immoral racist jerks steal your vote.   EVERYONE must help and the Democratic Party MUST provide leadership and money to those who are at risk for voter suppression.  Beat Republicrats at their own game.  VOTE NO MATTER WHAT and SHOW THAT THEIR EFFORTS AT VOTER SUPPRESSION WILL BACKFIRE ON THEM!

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