Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Way is Clear

I am not telling Democrats or those who support progressive and humane causes anything we do not already know.  The issues are CLEAR.  Whether it is denying minorities the right to vote, whether it is denying women the right to choose their own medical decisions, whether it is denying many the right to marry whom they choose, whether it is denying planet annihilating climate change or whether it is overtaking communities ridding them of minority representation the Republican Extremist Party will do anything, even if judged ultimately illegal, to attain power. The Democratic Party MUST MUST organize to elect Democrats -- EVERYWHERE.  

Our inaction and turning our back on issues we thought resolved have resulted in the most HORRIFIC abuse of power by the Republican extreme ever to have appeared on the American scene.  Republicans will take it all and they will take it from YOU if we do NOT stop them.  PAY ATTENTION to elections.  They matter!

The results of not paying attention are crystal clear.  This is what happens when we do NOT know what is happening under our noses and worse do not care.  We get extremist profane Republican Governor LePages of Maine, we get the Kasichs of Ohio, we get the Walkers of Wisconsin, we get the Scotts of Florida, we get the Governor McDonnells and the Ken Cuchinellis of the nation.  They  are ruinous to the people's health but manage to stuff their own pockets with the cash of corporations and the wealthy quid pro quo donors who love them.  They DUPE voters who do not take the time to understand what Republican politics around them is all about.  


Reality check: We live in a two party system!  The key is to beat them at their own game.  Explain to voters WHAT Republican politics is doing to them AND WHY THEY MUST VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS.  It behooves ALL of us to do this or Republicans will take away, IF they assume power, the gains for which we as a nation have, for over centuries, fought. 

Whether it is voting rights, civil rights, women's rights or labor rights they will return this nation to a 19th century world where poverty reigned, people died of diseases they should not die of today and the poor, the sick, the elderly and the disabled were protected from NOTHING.  Republicans will DUPE and then ditch the American working and middle class taking big bucks from the corporations and the wealthy who give these Republican gargantuan cash and let unregulated Wall Street run wild.

The issues are life and death ones.  ELECTIONS MATTER.  Simply look to Republican installed Supreme Court Justices Scalia, Alito, and Thomas.   Republicans put these monsters in robes they do not deserve to wear and they gave birth to horrific case law like Citizens United and all but demolished the 1965 Voting Rights Act making it harder for minorities i.e. Democrats to vote.  WE ALL MUST ACT!

Getting out the vote for Democrats is of the first order.  Our politics are paralyzed and polarized by mostly racist, misogynist, white, extremist elements in the Republican Party.  We MUST defeat them everywhere they exist.  The way is CLEAR, the path is known and the time is NOW!

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