Thursday, July 04, 2013

“Should Republicans Just Focus on White Voters?” -- Whites on the Right

The Title of the NYT article “Should Republicans Just Focus on White Voters” see link here or below, caught my eye. Much had to do with the oft talked about changing demographics of the nation as it becomes less white and the apoplectic stroke the Republican Party is having as well as the hand-wringing it is doing to obviate this fact to win power. There are different opinions, of course, among Republican strategists as to what the Republican Party needs to do. Some “conservatives” think the Republican Party should not change its message at all but should simply mount an effort to corral whites which Republican Utopians think will amass millions more votes for them since they believe more whites will flock to the polls if the Republican Party reaches out to snag them. I think otherwise.

The Republican Party has many more problems than simply demographic numbers. It has become, as some have said, the party of stupid. That is, as I see it, its major problem. Thankfully, there are significant numbers of smart whites in our electorate who would not vote Republican as it ideologically stands now even if someone paid them off at the polls to do it. The Party’s moronic anti-science stand on a host of issues makes it impossible for many whites of cerebral substance to support it. The Republican Party stands now for the advancement of its mythology and its – usually Fundamentalist Christian – religious belief system.  They want to mix their religion with things political.  That is just what most of our Founding Fathers did NOT want as they clearly and thankfully embedded the all-important separation of church state Constitutional clause within our founding document.  Nothing can kill a nation faster than dogmatic uncompromising religion in extremis.  Religion tied to politics is the oil and water mix of our time.

One cannot deny evolution, one cannot deny the warming of the climate with its plethora of catastrophic weather events, and one cannot deny sexuality has a DNA genetic component Republican know nothings say it does not.  They say one can change the gay by praying it away. Praying away the gay does not work.  The Fundamentalist attempt of the Exodus movement realized it did not work nor help those coming to terms with what nature bestowed; to the contrary, this insipid movement did significant damage including contributing to suicide of those who could not change no matter how hard they prayed.  

Moreover, when this party of stupid promotes its anti-choice stances and says things like a woman’s body shuts down pregnancy when she is raped or that god intended a pregnancy to exist through incest, or a woman becomes less fertile when she receives a legal abortion one staggers away from such idiocy unable to accept the Republican Party once known for its Goldwater intellectual rigor.  Within what fantasy world does the Republican Party now live that allows them to think this kind of irrational and mendacious Republican Party will win high office?  It will not.

More whites than any other group may have voted for Mitt Romney but many more whites stayed home. Whites I know would NEVER vote for anyone in the Republican Party of dumb. If one denies learning and the science that comes through it sooner or later one will lose the evolutionary game of life.  Science always rules. Until the Republican Party changes its social message, ultimately, it will lose smart whites too!

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