Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kaddish – a Prayer for the Living said at Services for the Dead

I wrote a small opinion on an MSNBC story reporting that a juror from the Trayvon Martin murder case has now come forward to talk of the acquittal. It reported about some jurors who wanted to convict the perpetrator whose name I will not utter. This is what I said:

I am a white Jewish woman. There is NOT a day that has gone by since the not guilty verdict that I do not think about Trayvon and his family. I wake up thinking about them. I go to sleep thinking of them and I dream about them. I see his mother's BEAUTIFUL countenance before me. All of them are in my heart and this travesty of justice inflames my being.

I will think of them now when I wake up, when I go to sleep and when I walk along in the day I will think of them. They are frontlets between my eyes. I am not a religious person BUT there are some times in life that are SO hard to take my soul cries out for the help of a higher power. I know Trayvon's family is very religious so I prayed this morning for them and all of us who call ourselves human to know peace. Trayvon is seared into history. His memory and the entire dastardly experience will be thought of, talked about and taught for generations to come.

I prayed today the Jewish mourners Kaddish that is a prayer for the living said at services for the dead. We of good conscience and humanity mourn Trayvon's passing. I offer my prayers for his family, for the late Trayvon and for all of us who care about this egregious act and unjust verdict that somewhere somehow we all find peace and that JUSTICE, as remote as it may seem now, for his murder prevails!

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