Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Beautiful and Mystifying Earth--The Time to Act is NOW

Since the projections for the eradication of our coastal cities by flooding because of the rise in global temperature relate more to our descendants than to us, those of you who do not care about your children, grandchildren and future descendants will not care about this article. I suspect, however, most who do have children and grandchildren with pictures of them occupying every inch of your home and desks, WILL care mightily about the link of the article here and below.

Those of us who do not have children or grandchildren by choice or nature's design it can serve to make one think that one's choice or fate has worked to one's singular advantage. Unfortunately, those who did make the choice to have them and count on generation after generation promoting their legacy through genetic and cultural heritage then, well, you MAY want to advocate -- strongly advocate -- for the significant decrease or even elimination of fossil fuels that have our planet and homo sapiens (modern man) in its death grip.

Even IF one does not have children the fact that one can count on the magisterial beauty of our planet every day we awaken upon it should be enough to compel us to save it no matter how long it will take climate change to eradicate man's place on this beautiful and spiritually mystifying earth.

The time to influence and elect our minions of power who know science rules is the present. The time to act is NOW before it is too late!

NB: It is why I advocate for the Democratic Party on the state and the national level. You can be assured IF 2014 sees an increase in the Republican racist party of interposition and nullification obstructionism then our country and, indeed, our planet WILL fail.

Make no mistake, whatever critical analysis you may hold for the Democratic Party you will make a monstrous mistake by putting Republicans in office.  I urge you to contribute to the Democratic Party any way and everywhere you possibly can.  There is too much at stake as we have seen what happens when Republicans control it all. 

Republicans will continue to perpetuate rule by oligarchy, the mega rich and usurp racist and misogynist control of the courts even possibly the Supreme Court generally setting our country back a century.  Tea baggers should NOT be fooled.  The Republican Party has been hijacked by the oligarchs of wealth and privilege. The Republican Party is surely NOT about them or you!  Sign up, sign up, sign up (beat Republicans at their own game) all Democrats to vote everywhere Democratic to finally give the president a chance to govern and the country the chance to live out its dream!


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