Monday, July 22, 2013

Alex Beam for Senate? PERISH THE THOUGHT!

What I wrote Alex Beam in response to his Op Ed in the July 21, 2013 Sunday Globe.

Alex, smoke came out of my ears from the fire in my brain when I read your Op Ed against our newly elected Senator Warren "Lots of noise from Warren but little delivery" pasted here or below. I LOVE Elizabeth Warren, I worked hard for Elizabeth Warren as much as I was able since I am disabled so I take your article as a HUGE affront to the point where I am considering canceling my subscription of The Globe. That is how passionate I am. Yes, I understand it is your First Amendment you are exercising. You have a right to say that you think she is the devil or Medusa incarnate but it does not mean I have to like it.
We are NOT talking about Queen Elizabeth. We are talking about one brilliant senator but ONLY one. She is swimming in a pool of sharks who want to take not only her down but the president himself down as well. We live in the most obstructionist of times since the Civil War. That fact goes on and on and on unless the rancid, mean, racist Republicans can be squashed at the polls. That is what I am hoping will happen.

Until then our WONDERFUL senator is one among 100 and must also know that anything she proposes will be met with House cement-like resistance. The agency for which she fought the Consumer Protection Bureau is a big accomplishment. The president, though, had to pull teeth to have its head, Richard Cordray confirmed by the Senate and then it was only through threat of drowning the filibuster that made those unconscionables compromise.

Give this woman a break. She is still nascent new. What would you like her to have done usher in a stimulus package on her own to jump-start the economy? I am SURE she would wholeheartedly agree. Holding the banks and the economic behemoths accountable for their malodorous mendacity of fraud brought on by decades of Republican rule and which cost the taxpayer trillions would be nice too. She would again agree to that I am sure.

You try and get the other 100 plus a Republican takeover of the House to be united to fix this country. Then I would say how about Alex Beam for Senate. Perish the thought! warren/iCPYI1tOK1g03bcgZQENEJ/comments.html

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