Saturday, June 01, 2013

Oklahoma is NOT OK -- Corporatists without Conscience

After the Moore, Oklahoma F 5 tornado yet again yesterday that area saw multiples of Moore.  It is hard to believe there are still science denying know nothings who put our nation and the world at risk.  The abundance of catastrophic weather events of massive continuing tornadic activity, floods, devastating coastal changing hurricanes, blizzards in nearly any season, not to be eclipsed by massive fires and droughts proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that climate change as witnessed by these extreme weather events is truth.  It is truth and as 98% of scientists know it is directly influenced by a century of fossil fuel pollutants sold to an unknowing public by corporatists without conscience. 


The Koch Brothers, oil, coal and other corporate giants like the tobacco charlatans before them, will keep the doubt of it flowing through the veins of the electorate like the filthy fossil fuels they produce.  They have hijacked an entire Republican Party through their deep pocket payoffs to Washington keeping it stagnant, divided and on the side of the fossil fuel industry.  It is shameful and does NOT have to be so.


Speak up, write or send smoke signals to Washington and everyone you know that our nation must change before it is too late if it is not too late already.  While you are at it crush those unconscionable right wing morally corrupt extremists and vote them permanently out of office.

Nothing less than your life, your children’s lives, their children’s lives indeed the functioning of an entire nation and ultimately the life of the planet itself is at stake.  If you do not believe me hang on for awhile you will experience the results of it yourself.


I paste the NBC story link above the headline for your reading pleasure!


  Tornadoes kill five people, at least 98 are injured, and 'life-threatening' floods are occurring after a massive storm system spins off twisters in four states.

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