Saturday, June 01, 2013

From Prosperity to Poverty. "A Word from Our Sponsor" and "Park Avenue: Money, Power & the American Dream"

The American Dream has been hijacked.  The essence of what brought immigrants to our shores, the essence of that which much of the world desired to emulate, and the essence of Lady Liberty's message written by Emma Lazarus:  “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” is no more.  Our American Dream has been taken over by the 1% at the top of the economic ladder because they have bought your nation by not only owning many huge corporations and Wall Street but by owning the halls Congress as well.  The game is rigged and it is rigged against you.  As the late great and prescient comic George Carlin said in his American Dream Youtube -- "It's a club and you ain't in it!"

Instead of writing more I will post two important links.  The first is an article written by the wonderful writer and journalist Jane Mayer entitled "A Word from Our Sponsor" in the May 27, 2013 edition of the New Yorker.  It is about the Koch's influence of that former bastion of thought, educational television, thereby skewing the content of its programming and their quest to stop documentaries like Carl Deal and Tia Lessen’s “Citizen Koch” and Gibney’s “Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream,” which places them and the 1% under the microscope. The slide under the microscope is not a pretty one!

The second is the controversial Alex Gibney documentary "Park Avenue: Money Power and the American Dream" which was shown by a number of PBS stations. Ultimately Koch pulled out of sponsoring WNET because it did not like the anti-Koch trajectory of its independent films content.   

It is well known that David Koch and his brother, oil and energy multi-billionaires are trying to usurp it all.  Their money is buying the American Dream through development of numerous "conservative" think tanks, through the buying up of educational television, the purchasing of universities, and most importantly contributing anonymously huge amounts of money to buy Congress. Recently it is no secret that the Koch Brothers are even attempting to buy up many prestigious formerly liberal news media like the Boston Globe.  This will, of course, crush the people's voice and insert their version of Ayn Randian propaganda into our brains.  I urge you to let these entities know this is unacceptable and that Congress persons who accept or lie about dirty money entering their coffers to do the bidding of the 1% will suffer at the polls.  

Read Mayer's article and watch the WNET video and see for yourself what has happened to this nation we once thought a paradise that catapulted us from poverty to prosperity and not the reverse.  Now prosperity is in a few -- very few -- mega wealthy hands unreachable by the vast majority of the country who has suffered greatly at the hands of unregulated and corrupt Wall Street greed.  

Moreover, do NOT buy what Koch Brothers have to sell and pass this around to anyone whom you think should read and hear it.  It is our only chance to defeat these Randian right wing extremist forces of inhumane evil that have imprisoned our nation and to truly take our country back! The links are below.  I urge you to look at them both!

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