Friday, May 17, 2013

THANK YOU Rachel Maddow, what you should know about the AP issue

This AP story I KNEW had legs and Richard Engel along with Rachel Maddow revealed why the president was SO determined to find the AP leak and still is posted below or here I urge you to go to Rachel Maddow and learn the details as it is too late for me to compose an opus maximus.  Suffice it to say our president KNOWS what he is doing and my questioning his prudence in doing what he did regarding the AP evaporates with the knowledge of why he did it.  Richard Engel on Rachel's show explains the entire issue.  I dashed off a quick kudo to her for finally telling the whole story behind the AP apoplectic stroke.  The snooping press need to know the difference between what should be public knowledge and what in fact harms the country and us in it.  Here is what I said to her.

Rachel, that story with Richard Engel was WONDERFUL.  What a great explanation that was.  That is EXACTLY why I have been so adamant in my support of the president.  He KNEW what he was doing and what Richard said was VITAL to be kept secret.  Getting some top secret knowledge into the hands of the press can be DANGEROUS and this time we were lucky.This president KNOWS the dangers and sees it every day.  I am CONVINCED this civil libertarian attorney is doing what he is doing because the stakes are SO high.  

Getting an informant in Al Qaeda itself is a MONUMENTAL thing.  To me it shows just how competent the president is!  AP was digging for that story with the names in it.

We are playing a high stakes game.  Lives are at stake as are true WMD's getting into the wrong hands.  Sure let's wax effusive about our civil liberties at a time when it does not matter, when no one can be hurt or killed or a nation cannot be severely damaged.  So they have a cell phone number or a wife's number who cares?  

The Republicans are UNCONSCIONABLE and will use anything even IF they were in power they would do exactly the same thing.  So glad you told the president's side. I KNEW there was one.  I urge all of those I know to link onto the site and hear his explanation.  It's a good one.

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