Thursday, May 16, 2013

Digging for Dirt--A Note to NBC News

Pardon the lack of creativity.  Sometimes time forces one to simply flood one's brain and expel the red hot anger from unjust events.  After listening to the repelling NBC Chuck Todd light his match, I want to pull out my hair so instead of going bald I write a stream of conscious! 

It is hard to fathom how skewed especially Chuck Todd's reporting is.  Actually most of NBC News simply wants to ratchet up the controversies as much as they can. They want to make an already powder keg on the right public create discord so why?  Your RATINGS will go up.  No controversy no ratings.  

Benghazi -- It is crystal clear that there is NOTHING in Benghazi that touches the White House, it was a dispute concerning State and the CIA but sure NBC News why don't you just fuel the anger already on the irrational, crank right wingnut base to CREATE a Fox News fuel that will beat it to a pulp.  And then you will have more to report.

IRS -- again NOT touching the WH.  Watch Larry O'Donnell last night for the answers to THAT story.  WH not only attempted to stop the bleeding but did.  Will  that stop the rancid right from beating the president up?  NO of course not.  So why don't you exploit that a little more too until the country cannot take it and the president's enemies work their dastardly magic.  Without YOU this goes no where.

AP "scandal"  -- Do you want to live?  Then the president has a right to stop those who would attack us by any means necessary and freedom of the press comes second.  This is NOT about digging for oil this is about digging for dirt! And on the president's end it is about saving our lives.

Cut this man some slack.  Who deserves a break more than he?  My heart breaks for him having to endure such insulting angry mantras from the right, the all-about-a-buck press and even a few on the left who do not realize the right is out to crush them too.  Shame on you NBC for the incendiary device YOU are.

Mr. President, I LOVE you and appreciate you.  I say forgive them Father for they know NOT what they do.  And I am a white Jewish woman who says that!

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