Saturday, May 11, 2013

Man's Best Self

I recently blogged on The Guardian web page in response to an article by James Ball entitled "US government attempts to stifle 3D-printer gun designs will ultimately fail ..." I link the article here or at the hyperlink below. I addressed it in part:
Unfortunately, I agree with the author and add that the etiology of our nation's Wild West mentality most especially on the extreme right with media mouthpieces like Limbaugh and Beck to egg them on make violence in this nation natural.  It is compounded by an empire's perpetual war and a racism that has, historically, since the country's inception, continuously violated a minority.  The unyielding and constant present-day violence that is perpetrated because of this part of our nation's cruel animus is NOT surprising. 
Racist nativists and so called “white supremacists” who said "Irish need not apply," "Jews and dogs not allowed," and a culture that separated drinking fountains by skin color relegating African Americans to an inferior status are historically embedded in our nation's DNA. The savagery that accompanies the right's irrational, mendacious, mean-spirited, raving lunatic rants of hate makes the violence of our gun culture inescapable.
Stopping this Neanderthal mentality that exists not exclusively but most decidedly on the political right is imperative.  We, though, must be resigned to the fact that it will take a very long time for systemic progressive humanitarian change to take root.
Despite our entrenched racist opposition we as progressives must continue the arduous task to lift man to his best self not regress him to his worst.

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