Thursday, May 09, 2013


I love the basic tenets of Christ's message even though I surely am agnostic.  Those who PROFESS to be Christians fall FAR short of what I think he tried to say.  Politicians are the worst of the worst because they are NOT about love and kindness they are about power and maintaining their office at all costs.  This is true for Dems often as it is true for the worst Republican rightwinger teaching hate that will create discord and war for his own purposes.  Alas, too, most of us fall short and will not or cannot do what is  demanded of us but we can try.

The prophets of all the major faiths had goodness to teach and the leaders of those faiths now often sound SO good but do not practice what they preach.  I went to a Jewish Bar Mitzvah recently after the Newtown massacre and the rabbi of a conservative temple talked about the story of Joseph's exile -- the point of the story being when enemies got closer to the human being they distrusted and hated the hatred of him melts away.  The prophets would have ALL of us see the other guy as a person, yes, a human being.  It seems so simple but given man's violence to his fellow man it obviously is not.

We live in impossible times maybe worse than any before because of our sophisticated technology, weapons to kill one another and destroy the planet.  Surely, Yahweh, Allah, Mohammad, Buddha and Jesus did NOT wish this to be so.  If there is a God we need help from him to do better, be kinder, be gentler to our own species, indeed, to all with whom we share our gorgeous planet and to the planet itself.  It is a gift only we, as homo sapiens, can singularly appreciate but we need help to do so and we need it fast.  

Short of divine intervention I have used Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Act 1, scene 2, said by Cassius as my inspiration: "The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars, But in ourselves ... ."  We can make the peace we so desperately desire and so longingly deserve!

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