Saturday, April 06, 2013

Why I Support Ed Markey

We live in a topsy turvey nation.  What is up to progressives is down to Republican rightwing extremists everywhere.  Could the 2010 Republican takeover of the House and state legislatures all over the nation have created this monstrosity of our stuck-in-cement-unable-to-rule nation?  I suspect it did.  It is something we must ameliorate -- MUST being the operative word.  Right now Democrats have the opportunity on April 30 in our special senatorial primary to support Ed Markey, a champion of the rights of women and for many other rational progressive lifesaving causes as well such as gun control legislation.
Republicans SAY they want small government.  How is it small government when what they want government to do is enter the privacy of a woman's uterus to determine for her everything from abortion and contraception to even the TYPE of relations one has with one's mate.  Nothing with respect to control of one's sexual proclivities and the private human female anatomy is off limits to them.  Naturally, in Republicanland, if one is gay then one has NO choice of one’s life at all!  Republicans are OBSESSED with sex and the restriction of it!  Radical right wing extremism has become the prevailing face of the once respected mainstream Republican Party and its sometimes conservative compromising Democrats as well.  
Anti-choice state legislation is passing in states all over the nation where Republican right wing extremists control state legislatures as they do in the south and many other red states.  They are TRYING in the Congressional House to do the same thing.  Thankfully, for now, rational thought still exists in the senate and the presidency.  If Republicans EVER control it all ... well, paraphrasing Gone with the Wind's Scarlet Ohara, I'm not going to think about that.
Am I daft or did I hear Republicans say they wanted to create jobs? Guess not.  Forget the jobs.  Their goal is nothing short of returning the nation to a 19th century world or is it the 17th century Puritan world?  Republicans' goals have been from day one, since that fateful 2010 election, in the Congress, states legislatures and in the courts when they can control them, is to stuff THEIR brand of religious indoctrination and social engineering down our collective throats. South Carolina -- get this -- EVEN tried to gather up enough support for making that state a "Christian" state.  I kid you not. They, so far, have tabled that wholly unconstitutional gem.  
Forget the Constitution, forget the separation clause, forget the right to privacy as the extremist right in state legislatures – mostly men at that – want control of a woman's entire body from head to thighs!  Do they care about providing for the poor, for the jobless, for the sick, for the elderly or for the disabled?  Of course NOT.  They want SMALL government doncha know!  
We do live in an Alice in Wonderland topsey turvey nation where up is down and down is up as the science denying right wing malevolent move us closer and closer to the social, economic, cultural and science-denying abyss.  

For this and many other reasons Representative Ed Markey is the only choice for the US Senate in the soon-to-be-held Democratic primary.  He has a 100% rating from progressive nation.  Compromise is NOT a choice.  His election is a must as we try to increase the lifesaving progressive science-based rational views in the Senate!  

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