Wednesday, April 03, 2013


If you have not seen the video of Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice perpetrating physical and verbal violence against his players then click on Youtube and watch it. 
This is some of the most disgusting violent egregious behavior by a coach I have ever seen.  Literally I felt sick to my stomach.  Why on earth Rutgers kept this beast is beyond me. What should happen now? Rutgers has as of this writing fired Rice and appropriately so.   I wonder why it was not done before as there are a plethora of examples on tape of his assaults.  Assault charges should be filed by the players.  Both Rutgers and Rice as an employee of Rutgers should be sued by the parents of the players.  This has been an indecent assault on young men.  It is sadistic violence in extremis on young players with young growing minds.  Rice's behavior has been OUTRAGEOUS and the firing of him should not end the issue.  Rice and Rutgers, a respected institution of higher learning, need to be taught a lesson that is not found in books.  ANY coach EVER violently touching a player or verbally compounding the assault with bigoted profanities is OUT OF BOUNDS!!
Is this what a man in a position of authority over student athletes does to the powerless players? Where is the kinder gentler nation I knew as a child? It seems like it is a long distant memory. We are a part violent, extremist nation and will not be able to survive if we do not learn to ameliorate the worst that is in us.  We need to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask who we are and, more specifically, what kind of nation do we want to be.

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