Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Unthinkable? Think Again!

The linked article  here or below "Could Democrats Be Rebranded" As the 'Anti-Social Security Party'? by Richard Eskow begins as such: 

"It's time to think the unthinkable: The leader of the Democratic Party is about to submit a budget which cuts Social Security benefits. Party officials are reportedly promoting candidates with no track record on key issues and no apparent interest in politics."  

I urge you to read on and wonder what is happening to our country and how a minority Republican Party gets to wield so much power.  Moreover, I urge you to wonder too how a Democratic Party could be co-opted to think they will run candidates with no ideological bent who will play into the seemingly eternal Republican goal of gutting Social Security and ultimately Medicare along with it.  

Could the electorate be SO stupid as to seek revenge on the Democratic Party blaming the president for the sequester murder of jobs and for submitting an economic bill disaster which would cut Social Security through the so called chained CPI?  Republicans are counting on the electorate, in bitter revenge, to fault Democrats in 2014 for something Republicans did thereby electing more Republicans whom we know have been dying for years to ruin those lifesaving safety nets altogether.  

Republicans are counting on the electorate to place in office more Republicans as revenge for a Republican-forced Democratic compromise on a budget bill.    Forgive the play on the word "dying."  The dying LITERALLY that will be done if Republicans are handed more power will be done by the middle class, the aged and the poor.  This is serious life and death generational stuff.

The fault for our bestial economic stalemate has been the Republican intransigence and their goal to defeat all things Obama no matter the devastating effects to the country.  If they could not do it through gaining the presidency they will do it by gumming up the works in Congress with the eventual takeover of the House AND the Senate in mind.  

Simply look at the Republican agenda in the states where Republicans do have it all.  They are creating NO jobs but are shoving reactionary social policy down people's throats taking away all notions of privacy with no jobs in sight.  On the federal level if Republicans gain power they will take your lives too!

What can YOU do short of a violent insurrection?  Create days of rage by WRITING, emailing or smoke signaling ALL your representatives, senators and the president.  Tell them NOT to cut Social Security or Medicare benefits.  In 2014 get out to vote for DEMOCRATIC candidates who are not empty suits if you want a country left.  If you think the scenario postulated could not happen THINK AGAIN.  It very well could and WILL if you do not act! 

Pass this on to whomever you like.  I post the link to the article above and below.

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