Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Bug

Since I have little time this a.m. this was written at lightening speed simply to get to McConnell to put my progressive voice on record. 

Really Senator McConnell your statement about the so called "bugging" your office and that this is how the left operates in Nixonian fashion is disgusting.  GUESS WHAT YOU who are among the misinformed Nixon WAS a Republican!  An entire book entitled Bush's Brain included things about Rove's bugging proclivities.  Not to mention the Acorn fiasco of the Republican James O'Keefe videotaping an office illegally and committing other dirty tricks of which there are a PLETHORA.  

You may think you are putting one over on your misinformed flock but this Democrat/liberal KNOWS Republican lies which they tell constantly.  So if you want to catch someone for bugging look to your OWN staff or other Republicans planting the bug.  The left does NOT operate like that but Republicans surely do. It would NOT shock me if the bug was planted by someone in your OWN Party known for its  dirty tricks whether voter suppression or the telling of LIES and tons of them!  Perhaps like the joke of your Party the BUG is on you!

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