Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Judgment at Nuremberg

In response to an MSNBC story "As Bush re-emerges on public stage, a mixed presidential legacy takes shape" here or link below I stated the following:

George Bush is dedicating his presidential library this weekend.  The mainstream press waxes salutary as to this incompetent president's legacy.  George W. Bush has no legacy except a malodorous one.  Bush, a ne'er-do-well, took advantage of his name and family’s position, went a-wall from his military Vietnam-avoiding National Guard service, and belongs in the annals of one of the worst presidents in US history.
The fact that he is coming out of his hole only to receive obligatory praise by all living presidents who will attend his library dedication makes me ill. This man deserves nothing.  Those who speak in his favor can have no idea what he did, the effects of which are experienced even to this day through a myriad of mistakes that were the hallmark of his presidency. He is the first to have waged preemptive war on a country that did nothing to us and put our troops in harms way leading many to slaughter.  He took this country to a war in Iraq based on lies. 
He and his minions are responsible for the worst American foreign policy blunder in US history.  The War in Iraq fractured that tinderbox part of the world handing Iran the keys to the kingdom and destabilized a region. He and his entire administration who wove these bold faced lies took the nation to war on a credit card costing trillions and responsible for the humongous debt about which Republicans say they care so much.
On his watch the 9/11 attacks occurred and could have been avoided if he had paid attention to the fateful Presidential Daily Briefing that said Al Qaeda poised to strike in the US.  Instead, Bush went on vacation and took more vacation days than any modern president. He promoted violence and the unnecessary deaths of thousands, responsible for 2 million refugees giving rise to a state of civil war that exists in Iraq today.  His war gives rationale to the very terrorists with whom he said our nation was at war.  His ill-named "Mission Accomplished" ten year war gives life to Al Qaeda’s propaganda that the US is out to destroy Islam and created Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula where it never existed before.
Moreover, it was on his watch that the economy nearly collapsed bailing his Wall Street cronies out with taxpayer money asking nothing of the banks whose fraud created the mess.  This nincompoop who could not utter an intelligible sentence was entrusted with the fate of our nation and the world.  His failure was epic.  His administration was born in lies and it ended in lies.  His so called legacy counts on the short sometimes very short strand of American memory.
George W. Bush should have been impeached as his crimes truly did rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.  It is a miracle he and many in his administration, proud of their creation of torture, have not been tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity.  If the Nazi war crimes judgment at Nuremberg trials do not apply to George W. Bush and his henchmen then they apply to no one at all!

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