Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An overreaction of law enforcement? -- I DON'T think so

Interesting article in Salon.com entitled "Tsarnaevs got the attention they wanted."   The author thought law enforcement's response during and before the lock-down was over done and played into the perpetrators' hands.  I disagreed and posted on Salon as such. I post the author's article here or on the link below.  My response was as follows: 

International terrorism or the threat of it is not simply by comparison benign gun shots of one gang against another for drugs or is it like one disgruntled lover against another. It was not simply looking for one wounded guy.  NO ONE let me repeat NO ONE could know what devices he had or did not have.  They knew they killed coldly and indiscriminately.
The threat of international terrorism is REAL now posed against all of the west and non-west alike.  What does that mean?  Historically insane western foreign policy adventures have brought us to the point where terrorism against mainly innocents all over the globe is REAL.  What do we mean by real?  We mean the threat of the use in our era of radiological, biological, chemical or nuclear weaponry IF deranged religious/politicos who have NO idea what religious fascist brutality truly is COULD be perpetrated at the blink of an eye.
My left of center compatriots and, yes, I am a very proud liberal, I think DO NOT GET IT.  They simply turn their backs on the violent monstrosity that has existed and is now growing exponentially everywhere.
This incident could NEVER have been treated like merely a bank robbery or a drug shoot out because it had the aforementioned components.  What will it take the Glenn Greenwald's (a man I think brilliant) of the nation to understand that treating these events as just another ho hum gun violence reality is IDIOTIC. He and others think that we should immediately read them their rights at all costs! 
I ask do you want to live or don't you?  Do you want to live as many are in Japan after the meltdown of the nuclear Fukishima plant?  They are generationally at horrific risk of cancers and other horrendous diseases that are the result of radiation from that plant and THAT was simply a nuclear power plant.
Ask our vets from Vietnam what diseases from our own Agent Orange wreaked upon them?  Ask Iraq vets what illnesses they suffer.  Ask YOURSELF if it's worth closing down a city and a couple of towns to avoid the POSSIBILITY of this immature child-like perpetrator wreaking that THAT kind of havoc upon us all.  The response to this sickening event was handled with GREAT expertise.  I can fault none of it.  The media will do what it always does whether it’s about Justin Bieber or a terrorist attack.  That will NEVER change.
Will this make others who do not know a fascist belief system from nursery school rhymes plan something again?  Who knows? MAYBE just MAYBE it may give those who would do such a dastardly act think TWICE and a THIRD time before they do.  If they do this nation is prepared to do whatever is possible to thwart it and to protect its people.
I say kudos to everyone who brought these malcontents to justice.  We all win because they did!


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