Monday, March 11, 2013

The Jury is Out (If you listen to or watch nothing else listen to Glenn Greenwald's speech before the Oregon ACLU)

If you listen to or watch  nothing else in your life listen to Glenn Greenwald's speech before the Oregon ACLU.  I post it here or below.  It is pure mastery of the definition and application of civil liberties.  Just what do civil liberties mean, what are they, are they abridged in our nation and if so why?  

Glenn Greenwald is utterly brilliant in his analysis.  If nothing else it causes one to think about the issue especially as it applies in our world today.

I will admit that as much as I think this man a national treasure I am hesitant to agree with him on his thought universally and am more cautious than he because, well, frankly I rather enjoy breathing.

Are we less safe now than we have ever been in our history because of our clearly Constitutionally questionable actions and alleged legal memos supporting them or are we safer?  Hamlet stated it best:  "To Be or NOT to be THAT is the question.  

In our time I believe we are existentially at risk not only from those without but most especially from those within.  Where do YOU fall on this important issue?  For me the jury is out.

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