Monday, March 11, 2013


I haven't been writing much as I am in a this-is-a-too-bleak-universe-which will-all-end anyway frame of mind.  Not good.  But the article below on Fukushima shows how the money corruption of EVERYTHING influences it all.  If man cannot use his evolutionary mega intelligent mind to make sure the stupids do not inherit the earth denying climate change, evolution and the scientific truth of it all than we are all doomed.

With nations just itching to push the nuclear button too well my mood is less than positive.

Also watching a science lecturer on PBS Brian Cox who does a series "The Wonders of the Universe" does not paint a pretty picture of it all but nonetheless is FASCINATING.  He is brilliant! I highly recommend it even though some realities are dark.

All I have to say is HARUUMPH!

P.S. Below is a generally progressive site called OpedNews but I did notice that they had a couple of ads that are anything but progressive.  I have an email into them asking why.  If you see something like "Obama, don't Tax  us" or something for Rand Paul -- naturally PAHLEESE ignore if you choose to read the article which is very good as are others on the site.  

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